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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 18, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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tonight preparing for sunday's big game against the atlanta falcons, but closer to home here, the investigation into an alleged sexual assault involving the wide receiver is in fact moving forward. the special victims unit is investigating this case. they have interviewed michael crabtree about an assault early on january 13th. this is just hours after the team's win, one in which crabtree played an integral part for nine catches and two touchdowns. 49ers fans we talked to were surprised to hear about the investigation. it comes during crabtree's finest nfl season yet and just two days before the nfc championship game. >> i don't know. hoping it's not true. we need him out there this sunday. hoping it all works out for him. >> his onfield performance is great. don't know anything about the guy off the field.
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>> tuz matter? >> if he's guilty, it kind of matt matters. i don't know. innocent until proven guilty. >> i don't know. i haven't heard enough information, so, i don't know. i can't say. >> tonight, the 49ers released a statement that says in part, quote, we are aware of the allegation against michael, and understand that he is fully cooperated with authorities. the 49ers take such matters very seriously. we will have no further comment at this time as the legal process is ongoing. unquote. police say crabtree has agreed to come in for any additional interviews related to the accusation said and as we mentioned, he is still expected to play on sunday's game against the falcons. kimberly, thank you. it should be noted, michael crabtree has had no previous legal issues so the 49ers say he will play on sunday, but mau effective will he be with this looming police investigation?
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no one knows that answer, but we know how effective he has been thus far for the 49ers. you know crabtree has been a huge part of the 49ers success? >> absolutely. the 49ers landed in atlantatoni cameras were on the ground. michael crabtree did make the trip with this team, and we caught a glimpse of him getting off the team bus. we'll show you video of that. you can see the players and coaches filing off the bus, and a quick glimpse of crabtree. it was unknown if his teammates were aware of the situation before tonight, but it goes without saying, this is not the news the niners were hoping for heading into the nfc championship game. >> crabtree seems to have taken a step forward in his maturity this season. not only did he score two touchdowns last saturday against the packers but he led them in receptions, targets, and regular
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touchdowns in the regular season, and he became the first to surpass 1,000 receiving yards in one season since terrell owens in 2003. he is expected to play sunday in atlanta. there's no scheduled media available on saturday for the 9 niners, so we're not expecting to hear anything new from the team tomorrow. >> coverage of this story continues online. for the latest up dates on this developing investigation, visit our website and search crabtree. a clash outside of a san jose courthouse. today, we saw two families who were overcome with emotion, and that emotion turned ugly. at issue was the shooting death of a suspected burglar, shot by a so-called vigilante. we have this explosive video and we're joined by the south bay. george? >> it got a little crazy out here. sheriff's deputies had to step in and break things up between these two families. tonight, one of the families say
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they don't feel safe after what happened this afternoon. >> we're not feeling safe at all. as for the family, they're tucked away. >>gina said because of this confrontation between her family and soriano's family, they will not be sleeping in their homes tonight. they have separated and are staying at other locations because they fear for their safety. >> my niece who lives with ricardo, that's like her big brother, she had to go and live in a motel room because she's not safe. she's now relocating to southern california because we can't have her. that was not a fight, that was an ambush. >> they said the family could see this coming. they claim the family of christopher soriano threatened them in the court proceeding. >> when you strike someone in the face, you're going to get struck in the face. what we're trying to do is follow the law, but people in the law, you have to protect us. >> ricardo hernandez is accused
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of shooting soriano, a man he suspected of being a burglar on new year's eve. >> i don't think anyone deserves to die. >> both families apparently have fallen on hard times. >> his family received a letter addressed to ricardo, was sent to his home, giving his family two weeks to leave their home. >> had no weapons or nothing. he didn't deserve that. he was shot in the back, and i'm a widow of five kids. >> we're homeless now. me and the kids, because of this. >> and the next court date is february 15, and the hernandez family hopes the sheriff's department will take the steps to prevent something from happening again. >> okay, george, thank you. he's back in the headlines. ross mercarimi and his wife are
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being sued by their next door neighbors. they claim that mirkarimi and lopez damaged their reputations. madison videotaped a cheerful lopez, and that's the cell phone video, following the confrontation with mirkarimi. they say they falsely accused madison and her husband of conspiracy and lying to police. we did speak with the lawyer tonight who represented mirkarimi, he said, quote, this is another unfortunate example of a baseless lawsuit that will clog up the court system. i have no doubt it will be dismissed. and lopez's attorney called this case a disappointment. in the east bay, a search is on for a 13-year-old girl who has been missed for more than 36 hours. she didn't show up for school thursday. her family believes she was abducted by a 23-year-old former family friend. sheriff's deputies believe the
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teenager ran away. she was last seen on surveillance video dropping opher little center. they're using flyers and social media in hopes of locating the teenager. >> a berkeley man may have died trying to save his girlfriend after they got stranded due to bad weather. the bodies of 54-year-old eric and 52-year-old camille were found today in a rural area. the couple was staying at a property owned by the man's family. authorities say the girlfriend may have broken her ankle and eric stayed with her in the frigid weather. authorities also say the exact cause of the death is under investigation. >> repairs to the fenders of the bay bridge will begin tuesday. they were damaged when the oil tanker sideswiped the bridge on january 7th. caltranofficials say the fender system absorbed the impact as it was designed to do. the main pier had no structural damage. the project is expected to last
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for more than four months. they have allocated up to $3 million for this project. >> a stiff sentence for a high-profile robbery. a man who burglarized steve jobs' home was sentenced to five years in prison. he was found guilty of breaking into the house of the late apple cofounder. he pleaded no contest to stealing at li two computers, an ipad, jewelry, jobs' wallet and driver's license among other things. the former san jose football player also pleaded no contest to four other bay area burglaries. he's been ordered to pay restitution to all of his victims. >> to me, i'm a strong believer in mind over matter. >> she's 101 years old and she thought she was out of options. still ahead, bay area researchers develop a pill that could forever change cancer treatment. and breaking his silence, the notre dame football star speaks out for the first time
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since it was revealed his internet girlfriend was a hoax. >> and big change for travelers. what the tsa is doing away with. >> weather center, a little warmer for today. a lot of sunshine, 72 in santa cruz. tomorrow, things heat up a little more. the air alert in effect as we head into tomorrow. we'll have details on who could hit 70. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or why it doesn't have to be an adventure
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obama's inauguration on monday. they will miss the event because of concerns about his health. his son, the 43rd president, diz not give a reason for his absence but wishes the first family a wonderful inaugural weekend. they'll join about 800,000 other people who will be in washington for the festivities. crews are working around the clock to get everything in place. sunday marks the official swearing in. that will be a private ceremony for president obama. in the on monday, the public oath for all of us to see. we will have extensive coverage of the inauguration on air and online. you can go there for our live streaming video, and our political analyst will also be at the inauguration and will be tweeting updates as well. well, controversial body scanners which show a naked
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image of travelers will be removed from local airports. they'll remove eight scanners from san jose international and five from oakland international. the transportation security administration says it's getting rid of the machines nationwide because the company that makes them couldn't come up with a way to fix the concerns regarding privacy. travelers will still be asked to get a body scan that creates a generic image. it's official, california is now experiencing widespread flu activity. we reached that designation just today. so far, five californians younger than 65 have died from the flu. the state doesn't track flu deaths in people over 65. a 98-year-old santa clara county woman did die earlier this month from flu complications. doctors say it's not too late to get the flu shot. they also say wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face. >> a breakthrough with cancer
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treatment developed in our own backyard. it's already helped a local patient, several local patients who had to fight the most common kind of skin cancer. stephanie, i understand this could lead to a breakthrough treatment with other types of cancer as well, correct? >> it's great news. one year ago, she was at risk of losing vision in her right eye and possibly her eye all together, and then doctors gave her one more option, a huge relief because surgery and radiation were off the table for winnie, who is 101 years old. >> i can remember world war i. >> it was 1911, taft was commander in chief. >> i will be 102 on august 25th. >> and still fiery with her trademark sparks. >> remember your place. >> her granddaughter says even at 101, she's tough to keep up
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with. >> she's never known what slow means. >> but her life did slow down january 2012 when gale, a nurse, noticed lumps multiplying around her grandmother's right eye. >> it was swelling, plus i couldn't sewell. >> her doctor told her she had basal cell karcarcnorma and tha the radiation necessary would be too hard on the then 100-year-old. >> i didn't think anything was going to happen, let's face it. at this stage of the game. >> doctors at stanford asked her to take part in a research program involving about 100 patients taking a newly fda approved pill. this doctor was part of the research nearly 20 years ago that provided the science behind the pill. >> if you are exposed to sun, you mutate this signal to the
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stem cell, and then you get too much in the stem cells and it keeps growing and growing. that's what cancer is. >> the pill acts as an inhibitor to the signal. >> it blocks the signal that the cancer cells receive to keep dwelling and they can shrink away. >> winnie's tumors shrunk away four months after she began to take the pills monthly. the majority of the group saw the same result. >> that was pretty amazing for us. >> and an amazing change for winnie who went back to reading, writing, and most of all, watching san francisco sports on her tv from her nursing home where she's looking forward to the simple pleasures in life. >> coming in and saying good morning, time to get up, beautiful. >> most of all, it seems like letters from the great grandkids light her up. >> i miss you, and i'll see you
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in a few months. i love you. >> who is this young baby? >> and love from the family who motivates her every day. >> they have also shown me the respect that an old lady treasures, you know? and make you feel like you want to be alive. >> such a strong woman there. this goes beyond skin cancer treatment. the doctor and peers at stanford are work, on developing similar target treatments for other cancer. they're working that at clinics in stanford right now. >> much respect. thank you, stephanistephanie. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. here they come. all the surfers are watching you tonight. tonight's a big forecast. >> tomorrow, i know a lot of you are going, i went to the beach today. the waves were 2 to 3 feet. it's building. we're tracking quite a bit of an increase from the earlier shows.
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anywhere from 9 to 11 feet in the pacific. about 500 miles away, we're watching the swell models because all of the waves are being produced from this storm system that's 100 miles away. at the current moment, it's not extremely gusty near the coastline. waves 3 to 4 feet. as we head into sunday, if you missed it, we're going to undergo huge waves throughout sunday afternoon that could be anywhere from 20 to 35 feet. the maverick surf competition happening this sunday with the festival right around the half moon bay area. the other thing to underscore, it could be dangerous to all swimmers and boaters for the entire bay area coastline with a high surf advisory in effect and rip currents that can carry you out quickly. this weekend, it's best to get the spf on, enjoy the sunshine, and be more of a spectator. it's cold. 37 in santa rosa. 34, napa. down into san jose, 42. 42 in napa.
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let's take you outside to our live hd camera. there it is in the center, it's like a film sitting right across the silicon valley. that's the poor air quality. high pressure is slapping all of that pollution down to the surface. san francisco, it's brilliant, and for tomorrow, you can bet one amazing sunset coming our way. while the pollution has been bad, probably for your eyes, making your cough, all that stuff, it's going to provide quite a bit of color in the atmosphere. >> tomorrow, going to be hazy. a lot of sunshine, not only for saturday, but sunday and monday. and in fact for tomorrow, we're going to get in on 70 degree weather for a few spots you may not expect, at least this time of year. santa cruz going to 71. that's right, for saturday. 6 to 7 degrees above our averages, and it's not going to be the warmest day ever in january. that was 83 degrees set back in
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1920, but it's going to be warm. 30 in santa rosa to start, 31 in napa, and 38 in los gatos, and 38 in santa cruz but climbing into incident. a huge jump from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. the warmest spot for saturday is in the south bay. 69 in los gatos. 71 in santa cruz and 70 in gilroy. those are the spots you want to be in if you want to enjoy the heat. the east bay, it will be cool to mild. st still going to struggle to get to the mid-60s. back to san francisco, 67 for you. 65 in santa rosa, and also 68 in half moon bay. it's clear, it's sunny throughout saturday, sunday, and monday with a high surf. then as we head throughout next week, we'll get changes here. clouds will increase and a slight chance of a shower by friday of next week. but it's all good for the mavericks on sunday.
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very calm right now, but again, the surf swell model shows this huge increase tomorrow and into sunday. >> the forecast is beautiful for the three-day weekend. >> it's good. >> thanks, jeff. >> just ahead, lance armstrong's admission sparked two of the former cycling star gets emotional.
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tonight, labs armstrong part two. not much remorse in last night's interview with oprah winfrey, but we saw a different side tonight. he became emotional when he was asked how he told his children, five of them, that he lied about using performance enhancing drugs. >> i said don't defend me anymore. don't. >> the fallout from the interview is yet to be fully determined. armstrong says he wants to get back into competition and deserves another shot even if others don't agree. armstrong also said he's lost
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more than $75 million in endorsement money thib past year. >> we'll have more from the michael crabtree investigation as the 49ers arrive in atlanta and some giants news. we're rejoined next.
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here in the comcast sportsnet news room. you can't talk about the 49ers tonight without mentioning the criminal investigation of michael crabtree for an alleged sexual assault. the headlines through the nfc championship game in atlanta on sunday. the 49ers touched down tonight in atlanta, and our cameras were there to capture this video. failing to prepare is preparing to fail, and according to the 49ers, their final preparation couldn't have gone much better. >> it was great. this week was one of the best we have had since i have been here. it was very focused. with everybody very excited and
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locked in. and i think that's what set us up for last week was we had a great week of practice that week, and this one, we'll be able to do what we did last week. >> continuing our coverage of one of the strangest stories in sports. notre dame linebacker manti te'o made his first comments to espn saying, quote, i wasn't faking it, i wasn't part of this. people will know there's no way i could be a part of this, end quote. >> they have reached a one-year agreement with the organization, including buster posey, the all-star catcher will earn $8 million next year. his teammates also agreed to deals. pence's deal is worth $13.8 million. >> warriors and spurs. looking to avoid a 28th straight defeat in san antonio. carl landry, 15 in the first half. up one at the break. there was a 24-minute delay at
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halftime because a rim appeared to be unlevel. get that thing out of there. third quarter, warriors up three. david lee, a monster dunk. leads up to five, but the spurs get down to business. ball game all tied up. let's go to the fourth quarter. tim duncan. gets it down low and dunks it. he had 24 points, 10 rebounds, too many big shots for san antonio. tony parker with the fall-away corner jumper. and then minutes later, another wide open three, drains it. spurs win 95-88. warriors have lost five of their last six games. now, the warriors are back on the floor tomorrow in new orleans. tipoff slated for 5:00 with pregame live getting you set for the action at 4:30 on comcast sportsnet bay area. >> thank you. we never win in san antonio. we're back in a moment.
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you know that spare change you have lying around? it might add up to something. one man's deposit at a bank in china could keep staff busy for weeks. the owner of a printing business protin boxes and bags filled with bills and coins. he had been collecting them for years. the head of the bank said the exact amount of the deposit is still days away. but he estimates the haul is worth almost $26,000 american dollars. >> wow, that's the kind of house cleaning you want, like clean up money. >> $26,000. okay, we're here, the weekend is here. it's just you and me on the desk. take it away with the forecast. >> sunday, surf's up here in maverick. temperatures in the upper 60s and waves from 20 to 30 feet. for all of you non-surfers, mild and pretty much perfect this
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weekend. >> enjoy this holiday weekend outdoors. we'll see you on monday.
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nbc-universal television captions by vitac ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much! thank you very much. welcome to "the tonight show!" [ cheers and applause ] oh, boy. hey -- hey, did you watch the big oprah winfrey/lance armstrong interview last night? how many watched? did you watch that thing? [ scattered cheers ] oh. woo! oprah did not hold back. oh, man! she went for lance's other testicle. oh, my gosh. woo. [ laughter ] and as you know, lance armstrong now has been stripped of all his endorsements, except one.


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